Milk Bath Powder
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In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra - known for her beautiful skin - often bathed in fresh camel’s milk. You can enjoy the same royal treatment with Doctor Sweet Tooth’s handmade scented milk bath. The secret to milk’s rejuvenating power is lactic acid. Gentle, yet effective, lactic acid sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing healthy, supple skin.

We recommend soaking in our milk bath for about 20 minutes. After you have finished soaking, take a wet washcloth and gently scrub the surface of your skin. This will help exfoliate the dead skin cells that have been loosened by the lactic acid. Step out of the bath and feel your soft, smooth, and renewed skin. For best results, use Doctor Sweet Tooth’s handmade milk bath regularly.

5.75oz bottle. Just add 3-4  tablespoons under warm running water and enjoy! One bottle is enough for 3-5 large baths!

No Preservatives. Paraben Free. No added colors.

Ingredients- Powdered Milk, Sodium Bicarbonate, Epsom Salt, Fragrance Oil.

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Milk Bath Powder

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